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Thanks for the Support!


"Jason and I were fortunate enough to be in the 2019 Community Leadership Program together. We learned a lot about each other that year. Our strengths, weaknesses and most importantly, identifying our potential as human beings to invoke positive community support and growth.  His family background, education and vocational background have prepared him to face the challenges a City Councilor must address and overcome. Jason understands the economic potential Iowa City has and is willing to work with the local community to help the City grow."


Sandy Steil

“Jason Glass is exactly the voice that this Council needs in the future. He is a pragmatic problem solver, a non-partisan thinker, a consensus builder, and his personal and professional background have prepared him for dealing with the contentious issues ahead. He has my enthusiastic support.”


Larry Baker
Loser Emeritus of Iowa City Politics
(this is Larry's self-described title, but I think much more highly of him than that!)

 "It has been a pleasure to work with Jason on the Human Rights Commission. When it comes to hard talks about social justice, he always joins the conversation with an open mind and a listening ear. I believe Jason's dedication to personal and professional development, his commitment to accountability, and his passion for advocacy make him an excellent candidate for City Council." 


Ashley Lindley

Iowa City Human
Rights Commissioner


"Jason Glass is a trained, credentialed and experienced leader. He brings a high-energy, disciplined approach to life as a husband, parent, musician, soldier, teacher and community volunteer. His work with the State of Iowa Human Rights Commission has equipped him with a broad understanding of human rights in the midst of government. Working with Jason on the Iowa City Human Rights Commission is a distinctive privilege for me. Jason brings wisdom in the midst of urgency to sustain momentum for the residents of Iowa City now and years to come."


Rev. Dr. Mark Pries

Iowa City Human
Rights Commissioner 


"In the short time that I had known Jason, I had found him to be conscientious, considerate and possessing a quiet rectitude — qualities that would serve him well (and us!) in the City Council."


Josh Sazon 

"Having worked with Jason on the Human Rights Commission, I know that he has the unique ability to approach complex issues in an informed, logical, and level headed manner. I am confident that he will bring a valuable perspective to the City Council and that he will be conscientious about representing all residents of Iowa City."  


Cathy McGinnis
Past Chair,
Iowa City Human Rights 

"Jason Glass is a great candidate for the Iowa City Council. He is intelligent, motivated and connected to the community. Dedicated to service and our community, he will discharge the duties and responsibilities as an Iowa City councilor with diligence. Jason is committed to diversity. He’s a fast learner, a good communicator and has the ability to absorb a large amount of information quickly."


Linda Schreiber 

"It’s refreshing to have the opportunity to support Jason Glass in the upcoming Iowa City Council election. I’ve worked closely with Jason over the years and I’ve come to know him as a passionate and articulate advocate for our community with a long record of public service. Jason has an enormous and sincere desire to learn, and I’ve watched him truly listen with respect and intent to those with alternate viewpoints. He is a thoughtful and temperate influence who seeks consensus and delivers collaborative solutions, and he has an unwavering commitment to justice and fair play that never descends in to rigid ideology or grandstanding. I trust him, without reservation, to lead with conscience, to make decisions that are based in fact and sound judgement, and to work with the full spectrum of interests in our vibrant community to make Iowa City an even better place to live and work! 

 The polarizing time we live in is exactly the right moment for a candidate with Jason’s unique combination of characteristics, and I hope you will join me in supporting him in our upcoming election." 


Shawn Meaney 

"As someone who is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community, I know Jason shares that same passion. His work on the Human Rights Commission demonstrates his ability to advocate for change and think critically and broadly. He understands the fundamental need for our community to embrace the racial, cultural, self-identity, and ability differences within our citizens to create a stronger, more supportive place for people to not just live, but to thrive. Having the privilege of working with Jason when he led the Human Resources department for a large nonprofit, he always provided a balanced perspective to discussions and understands the value of bringing fresh and diverse ideas and solutions to the table. I expect the same from him as a candidate and as a new City Councilperson for Iowa City, and so should you."


Theresa Lewis

Iowa City Housing and Community
Development Commissioner


"Jason has my vote because he is a collaborative problem-solver. His work on the Iowa City Human Rights Commission and as an HR professional show that he can help us pursue both growth and equity. He can bring us together and help us move forward toward a better future."


Kenneth Brown 

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