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Letter of Support from Rev. Dr. Mark Pries (IC Human Rights Commission)

Glass knows what it means to be public servant

Voters are in the hiring process. Candidates applied (filed their nomination forms). We review their credentials, listen to their positions, welcome their references.

I support Jason Glass for an at-large position on the Iowa City Council. I work with him on the Iowa City Human Rights Commission. Being a public servant working with a public servant is an important reference.

Glass and I met at our first Iowa City Human Rights Commission meeting. That first encounter was telling. His eyes are kind and welcoming; he’s attentive to the space and people, gregarious as he locates his place at the table. At the president’s invitation he concisely introduced himself.

Glass has been at every meeting of the ICHRC except when serving with the Iowa National Guard. He prepares for meetings, researches topics and often drafts documents for consideration.

During these hotly polarized times, where there is urgency for mutually beneficial decisions, Glass shines a light on topics enabling conversations, understanding and action. His clear mind, vision, patience, collaborative spirit and abilities to lead make him an excellent hire for an at-large seat on the Iowa City City Council.

-Mark Pries, Iowa City

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