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Complex Problems


Many candidates who run for local office do so because of a single issue that they are passionate about. Unfortunately, this can also lead to disinterest and an unwillingness to engage on other issues. That’s not me. I want to dig in on it all, both the issues that make headlines and the ones rarely talked about. Every item on a city council agenda deserves proper attention, and each one is critically important to some portion of the community. From wastewater treatment to road maintenance to zoning issues and everything in between, I’m in.  


Comprehensive solutions (affordability, access, sustainability) to housing and neighborhoods that engage multiple organizations and supports our growth.

Reimagining law enforcement and public safety in Iowa City, implementing innovative ways to provide safe and effective policing while supporting those that provide these and other critical services. This includes a focus on mental health and collaboration with agencies throughout the county and region.  

Tackling the financial challenges of the pandemic by supporting employment growth through our local businesses and staying focused on community priorities. 

Bringing people of diverse opinions and backgrounds together to find the best use of federal funds allocated to Iowa City. I would prioritize:  

  • Those that have not been helped by previous support programs 

  • Projects that benefit as much of the city and its residents as possible 

  • Long term solutions that will benefit the people of Iowa City in future years 


I will leverage my experiences , rational approach to problem solving and record of success to find solutions to the challenges our city faces, alongside the people of Iowa City, both now and in the future. I look forward to working with others to continue the growth and success of Iowa City. 

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